Ultimate Frisbee Challenge

Jacksonville State University Physical Education Department students are teaching local people that physical health produces more than just the perfect physical shape. In an effort to support a local residential rehabilitation program, JSU students have partnered to teach the importance of self-sufficiency and total body wellness. Seven Springs Ministries works with the most hurt, the most broken, and what most would consider the outcasts of society. It is a local ministry that helps people to graduate to better lives. Today, at Word Alive International Outreach, the ministry and university students came together for what seems to be a simple Frisbee Challenge. JSU Physical Education Instructor Lori Galloway says the Ultimate Frisbee Challenge, which takes place every Wednesday, is about more than just lifetime fitness. She says it’s a community outreach that fulfills an important need. Seven Springs Ministries Community Liaison Jeff Finafrock, says his program is complete with advocates who desire to see the spiritual and physical transformations of their residents. On October 24th the JSU Physical Education Department will sponsor the 13th Annual Gamecock Gallup 5-K, which 8 Seven Springs Ministries clients have signed up for. If you know someone who needs help or if you would like to help the ministry call 256-770-4089.


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