Secretary of State Discusses Meeting with Reverend Jesse Jackson

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill released a statement regarding a meeting with Governor Robert Bentley, Reverend Jesse Jackson and several other state lawmakers to address DMV closures. Merrill said on Thursday that we felt as though we had a productive meeting with Reverend Jackson, several state legislators and other elected officials from across the Black Belt area and upon presenting information to them, all in attendance agreed that Alabama does not have a photo ID concern. The state of Alabama has more than 4,000,000 citizens, according to the census numbers. Of those 4.8 million people, more than 2,000,000, are either active or inactive voters. In addition, all 67 counties have a Probate Judge’s office which will renew driver’s license and a Board of Registrars’ office which issues a free photo ID to all qualified applicants. These offices are open any day of the week that the courthouse is open.


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