International Cyclist Tours Calhoun County

A few weeks ago the Alabama State Tourism Department contacted the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center with hopes of bringing a talented and charming Italian cyclist across Alabama. The cyclist was greatly interested in seeing the exceptional Calhoun County local cycling community. This is the ninth day in Alabama for Italian cyclist Carlo Ferrari. He is excited about traveling our great state by bicycle. Ferrari is from the Northern part of Italy where it is mostly cold.He says he is enjoying the dry, warm Alabama weather with the light breeze. Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center Director of Tourism Lisa Morales says for people like Carlo to come through is a great adventure and good publicity for our county. This is the eighth time Ferrari has visited the U-S in a cycling tour. He will continue his journey through Alabama in Auburn and then through Mobile. He will spend his last four days in the U-S in New Orleans.


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