Sheriff Talks Round-Up and Area Crime

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office held its annual Domestic Violence Round-Up. Teams of Deputies served warrants and reminded people what a serious crime domestic violence is. Sheriff Larry Amerson says it’s an opportunity to address cases so they don’t fall by the wayside and are ignored. Sheriff Amerson also shared current information on two cases his department is investigating. The sheriff’s office is looking for two suspects in a case involving attempted murder and assault first degree. According to Amerson, the man in the car noticed one had a rifle as they tried to get in his car. His car was running, so he put it into drive and took off. The suspects did not pursue him but he was injured and was transferred to a Birmingham hospital with an injury. In another unrelated case… On Choccolocco Road two households got into an argument about loud music. The victim was carried to RMC and treated for their injuries. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office arrested Charles David Poore and charged him with assault first degree. He is being held in the Calhoun County Jail.


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