Homecoming Threat at Local University

A local university receives a verbal threat from a person expressing to do harm during the university’s upcoming Homecoming weekend. Jacksonville State University’s Police Department says the reported threat was allegedly directed at one or more people, rather than the general JSU population, and arose out of a domestic dispute. Upon receiving and evaluating the report, the University Police Department worked with out-of-state law enforcement and an arrest was made. The accused – who resides out-of-state and is not affiliated with the university – is currently out on bond awaiting trial. While the UPD does not believe there is an overt threat of violence at this time, the department is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of the campus community. Should additional concerns arise, the UPD will post advisements. As always, students, employees and guests are asked to be cooperative with police and security personnel and report any suspicious activity to the nearest law enforcement officer or the UPD at 256-782-5050.


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