German-Italian Cemetery Ceremony

The annual memorial service recognizing the German and Italian World War Two POWs buried at the historic German-Italian Cemetery at McClellan was held Sunday morning.The ceremony involved prayers, a trumpet played, and the laying of wreaths.

More than 50 people including US, German, and Italian officials, and family members of the POWs buried at the site attended the ceremony. Peter Golzhauser says his first visit was in 1990. He said his family had an old picture of where his grandfather was buried and they knew it was Ft. McClellan. Ceremony organizer Klaus Duncan says the cemetery is a part of a prestigious listing of cemeteries the Alabama Historical Commission considers particularly worthy of preservation and appreciation, deserving of special recognition. As of August 28th the Ft. McClellan German-Italian POW Cemetery was listed in the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register. It is the 20th cemetery in Calhoun County listed in the register, featuring 692 cemeteries statewide.


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