Saving While On The Road

According to GasBuddy, Americans hitting the road for Thanksgiving will certainly have something to be extra thankful for: the cheapest gasoline prices since March 2009. The low prices are showing up just in time for millions of motorists that are heading out, saving them $1.5 billion over the five days. GasBuddy projects that by Thanksgiving Day the national average will be $1.99 per gallon, nearly 80 cents per gallon cheaper than last year and $1.29 per gallon cheaper than 2013. Gas prices might be low but there are still additional ways to save even more while on the road: Be aware crossing state lines, Don’t stop at the first gas station you see, Check the air pressure in your tires and remember the spare tire too, Save money on gasoline as more stations offer lower prices to cash paying customers, and, Delay buying gasoline.The more you wait, the· more you save.GasBuddy analysts expect gasoline prices to keep moving downward through Thanksgiving Day weekend, so motorists can save on every gallon waiting for gas stations to drop prices further.


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