Calhoun County Schools Employee of the Year

The Calhoun County School District Employee of the Year award recognizes employees who make exceptional contributions to their school communities. This year, Calhoun County School District Assistant Special Education Director Angela Bonds is the one deserving of this special acknowledgment. She is being recognized for the contributions she has made throughout the school year. Bonds says she believes her job is important because she oversees the special education programs that are in the schools. Bonds says her most rewarding moment was the opportunity to work with a student with a diagnosis of Autism. Bonds’ co-workers say she is dedicated, hard-working, and is always willing to help out. They say her role is vital and that she is always going to do her best effort for the students and the school system. They all say Bonds is always supportive and encouraging; helping to create a solid foundation for the students she serves. Her co-workers add that she deserves the award and they are ecstatic for her. Bonds says she is also excited and adds she never expected the recognition. She has worked for the Calhoun County School District for 19 years.


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