Two Arrested for Crashing Car into City Hall

A car crash into a local city hall by two men was done on purpose. Hokes Bluff Police Chief Mitchell Hill says 40-year-old Henry Clough and 19-year-old Tanner Williams were taken into custody after ramming their car into the building on Sunday. Hill says the driver managed to get the vehicle out of the building and drove away but was later found stuck in a wooded area off Carnes Street. Clough was captured after going to a home on Joel Street and confronting a woman armed with a handgun then fleeing and hiding in the sleeper compartment of an 18-wheeler. Williams was captured at a nearby service station. Clough is charged with Third Degree Burglary and Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. Tanner is charged with Drug Possession, Driving Under the Influence, and First Degree Criminal Mischief.


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