Family of Murder Victim Holds Press Conference

The family of Deatrice Barclay, the man slain by gun violence at the front of his house in Saks conducts a press conference at the Calhoun County Courthouse. Concerned community members and friends lend support to Barclay’s family and help communicate their need of justice for Barclay. The family is asking the federal government to charge the two men accused of killing him with a hate crime. The Anniston Chapter of the NAACP and other local community activists also attended the event. They say the community needs to rally together in prayer for the healing of the family, the local region, and the nation. But, they caution the community to recognize that pressure needs to put on local and federal law enforcement. They add that Barclay’s actions before his death were what many people do. He stopped by a local fast food restaurant to pick up a meal with the intention of sharing it with his family. Little says he is helping plan a Community Support Program for the widow of Barclay on February 7th. He is hoping for a great showing by community members. He says they will use that day to support Barclay’s family physically and financially.


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