Scale Back Alabama Weigh In at Cobb Elementary

A program designed to address Alabama’s challenge with obesity continues its mission to weigh-in Alabamians with the hopes of motivating a ten pound weight loss in ten weeks for each participant. Scale Back Alabama is a free statewide weight-loss program designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and to have fun while doing it. The kick-off was January 8th and the weigh-ins began Monday and will continue until the 31st of January. Calhoun County Alabama Extension Regional Extension Agent Sheree Taylor says the program’s condition of making sure each person has a partner makes losing the weight stress-free. Taylor says there is plenty of support at your local Extension Office. She adds that they have information on healthy nutrition for participants. Scale Back Alabama is geared toward adults and is primarily operated with the help of local employers, hospitals and health departments. Each organization appoints one person to serve as the program coordinator, and individuals compete on teams to win the chance at cash prizes. Today’s weigh-in took place at Cobb Elementary School. Taylor says her team is trying to increase the number of participants. Since the first competition in 2007, Alabamians have lost more than one million pounds! The 2016 weight-loss competition final weigh-in is April 29. Last year, more than 14,000 teams participated in the competition, losing more than a record 80,000 pounds.


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