Advantage Plus at Piedmont High School

According to the US Department of Education, for too many American students, high school is a time of disengagement that fails to put them on a path to college and career success. But, one local school has laid out a program that will enable their Seniors to graduate with the skills and abilities that are aligned with the needs of a global economy. The program is called Advantage Plus and it’s a partnership between Piedmont City School District, Jacksonville State University, local businesses, and local government leaders in our region. This was a big day for Piedmont High School students. They’ve been preparing all year long - practicing interviewing and preparing resumes, and today was the day for them to try out their college and career readiness at Jacksonville State University and gather some new information. Eighty students attended today’s event. They were also provided a formal lunch to teach them dinner etiquette. This is the second year for the program.


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