Congressman Mike Rogers on Healthcare

As the first votes in the 2016 race for the presidency get underway today, there are a large number of issues that are being brought to the forefront by voters all over the country. Alabamians will cast their primary votes on March 1st and many of those same issues are of concern here as well. Congressman Mike Rogers comes home to the Third Congressional District to visit schools and businesses and to lend an ear to his constituents. Last week, Congressman Rogers and I sat down and talked about some of the most pressing concerns he is asked about. Our first topic in this series of reports is healthcare. You may not have even heard about it, but the House and Senate got together on January 4th and voted to repeal Obamacare. The House had successfully approved the repeal nearly 60 times in the past, but January 4th marked the first time that the Senate had joined the House to pass the bill. As expected, President Obama vetoed the bill, but there was very little attention given to the vote and the veto by the national media. Rogers blamed the lack of coverage on a well-played distraction by the President. Rogers says that with the continued increases in the cost of everyone's healthcare plans, the public is angry and ready for something to be done it. He says that even though some have claimed that the vote was simply an empty political move, it was important to show the public that the Congress is ready to make a move. To see and hear much more on this topic and several other issues, tune in to this week's edition of my East Alabama Today show. You can catch East Alabama Today several times this week including both Tuesday and Thursday evenings at5:30pm with additional airings scattered throughout the schedule.


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