Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center

For many people, the everyday purchase of food products and all groceries is a big challenge—from baby formula to medicine to laundry detergent. Even with food pantries working as hard as they do, there are often still major breaks in basic needs. New Chairman of the Board for The Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center Lester Honts is working hard to maximize the impact of donated food with a campaign asking people to search their pantries for items to donate to its cause. The center is a community food pantry with the mission to directly serve Jacksonville community members who suffer from hunger and food shortage. The center started twenty years ago with twenty-three Jacksonville churches coming together to donate every year. The center has no paid employees and uses a house that the First Methodist Church of Jacksonville allows them to have. For more information call 256-435-1891. The center is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10AM until 2PM.


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