University Recycling Sustainability Initiative

Jacksonville State University strives to achieve a higher level of environmental performance with a new recycling program. The school kicked-off the initiative with a pledge drive and hundreds of students signed up. SGA Senator David Rickless says the university is working to enhance the campus’ current green efforts and encourage everyone on campus to think differently about the materials they use. The university was awarded a grant for six new recycling bins around campus. Calhoun County Extension Office Sustainability Outreach Coordinator Rachel Brinks says there is a new urgency to find the most sensible use of the university’s financial resources and align them with their environmental aims. Brinks helped to write the grant. Brinks says there are 12 drop-off sites in the County that accept paper, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum cans. She adds Alabama only recycles only five to 8-percent of materials. The state goal is to have 25-percent of materials recycled.


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