City Approves Animal Control Ordinance

One local city decides to make a change to its animal control ordinance. The approval came during the Anniston City Council regular meeting. According to City of Anniston Ward Four Councilwoman Millie Harris, the goal of the ordinance is to better the lives of animals and increase public safety. The City of Anniston ordinance does not prohibit the chaining of adult dogs. And now, animal owners can no longer leave their pets in parked cars where temperatures could hurt them. Police can now remove an animal from a hot car and take it to a veterinarian. The ordinance also prohibits owners of dogs from letting their pets defecate on other people’s property. Anyone caught will be fined $25 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses. City officials say the previous animal ordinance was created in 1996. Council members Millie Harris, Jay Jenkins, Seyram Selase and Mayor Vaughn Stewart approved the new ordinance. Councilman David Reddick voted against it.


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