Voter Registration Cut-off Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The 2016 Presidential Election is crucial to both Republicans and Democrats since the next President of the United States could nominate as many as four Supreme Court justices. The Presidential Preference Primary and Statewide Primary Election will be held on March first. Calhoun County Voter Registration Office Board Member Carolyn Henderson says Voter Registration Cut-Off Day is this Friday at 4:30PM. She says if you haven’t registered, it may be best to physically come in to the Voter Registration Office. Henderson says the office sees a lot more people than they usually do when it is not an election cycle. She adds that this is the first election where electronic ballots will be used. The 2016 U-S general election will be held on Tuesday, the 8th of November. This election year will feature competitive Presidential Election, and elections to the United States Congress. The entire US House Of Representatives - all 435 members are up for re-election this year. 


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