Pre-Hearing Rally Supporting Shooting Victim, Deatrice Barclay

A community pre-hearing rally with the hopes of drawing more attention to the death of the 42-year-old Saks man shot to death at his own home and those charged with the crime took place at Zinn Park this morning. Family, friends, and supporters gathered to bring attention to the death of Deatrice Barclay. His family is pressuring the United States Justice Department to treat his death as a hate crime. he group walked from Zinn Park in Anniston to the Calhoun County Courthouse to be present for the court hearing of Joel Abbott and Joshua Parker. Abbott was charged with murder, arrested and placed in the Calhoun County jail. Parker was also arrested and charged with murder and booked in the Calhoun County jail. Parker was later moved to the Cleburne County Jail because he once worked a year at the Calhoun County Jail.


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