Sinkhole on Chief Ladiga Trail

Tuesday night’s torrential downpour of rain is still causing problems almost a week later. A small sink hole on Jacksonville’s Chief Ladiga Trail has grown into a much larger sinkhole because of the rain. According to Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Superintendent Janis Burns the sinkhole was discovered after maintenance crews came out last week Wednesday to check the trail. Burns says they were checking for downed trees. Now, she says her maintenance crew is looking for the origin of the sinkhole and trying to figure out if there are any other problems with that section of the trail. The original, smaller sinkhole was found five weeks ago. Burns says maintenance crews fixed it. She adds that this week they have a company coming to test the soil and potential problems underneath the patch of road. She says the next thing they’ll do is develop a plan from there. Burns says the sinkhole should be fixed in the next couple of weeks. For now that section is indefinitely closed. She says people should not come onto the trail unless accompanied by a city official.


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