Waffle King Robbery

A man is accused of stealing two money jugs off a restaurant counter. According to Fort Payne Police, the incident took place Sunday around 4:00AM in Fort Payne. The man walked into the Waffle King, ordered three waffles, went to the restroom, and then returned only to steal the two money jugs. The money jugs were used to collect money for sick employees. The man exited the restaurant with the two jugs and got into a black four door automobile driven by a woman. The Waffle King cook, attempted to confront the driver outside. The automobile quickly accelerated and the cook was struck and thrown several feet. She sustained minor injuries and was transported to DeKalb Regional Medical Center. The black automobile has not been located. If you have any information regarding this case, contact the Fort Payne Police Department at 256.845.1414.


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