Shooting Investigation Declared Inactive

The Justice & Civil Rights Initiative has declared inactive its independent investigation into the September 2014 shooting that injured Anniston toddler LaSarge Minniefield. Minniefield, sustained injuries at Norwood Homes in Anniston after multiple shots were fired at a crowd of people from a red four-door sedan filled with several male occupants. Today, the Justice & Civil Rights Initiative Non-Profit Corporation addressed the media concerning that investigation into the drive-by shooting that injured Minniefield. The press conference took place at Norwood Homes Housing Complex in Anniston. According to Justice and Civil Rights Initiative President and Founder Ed Moore III and Chief of Security J.A. Gorham, although several witnesses willingly provided statements to JCRI that were sufficient enough to effect an arrest in the case; witnesses later withdrew their involvement. Moore and Gorham say the lack of support from the local community made the investigation problematic. Moore says the independent investigation into the shooting will reactivate in the case of new evidence or testimony being brought forward to JCRI.


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