Local Fugitive Captured in Croatia

A bed-and-breakfast manager on the other side of the globe in Croatia helps to capture a Calhoun County man accused of sexual abuse. Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson says David Pirritano became the subject of an investigation after a woman in her thirties identified him as the father of her child. That information surfaced during an investigation into the sexual abuse of that woman's 15-year-old child. Amerson says, 54-year-old David Pirritano has been charged with First Degree Rape. Pirritano is back in the United States following his arrest at a Croatian border crossing in January. A manager at a bed and breakfast led authorities to Pirritano. Pirritano’s wife, Tammy Pirritano was arrested February 17th on charges of hindering prosecution. Authorities say she had been sending money to her husband. In a news conference today, Amerson said it was the partnership with the US Marshal and Fugitive Task Force for the Northern District of Alabama, the 7th Judicial Circuit District Attorney, and other various international law enforcement agencies that lead to the capture of Pirritano. Amerson says, Pirritano was previously employed as a Calhoun County correction’s officer and recently worked for another county agency in a non-law enforcement function. According to the Calhoun County District Attorney’s Office, Pirritano is being held on $100,000 bond in the Calhoun County Jail. His wife, Tammy Pirritano is free on $7,500 bond. The FBI is also investigating Pirritano's actions while in Europe.


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