Calhoun County Woman Charged with Identity Theft

The report of a stolen cell phone by a now accused identity thief and nursing home worker to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office leads Investigators to a 30-year-old woman accused of using a nursing home resident’s personal information to purchase cell phones. According to Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Matthew Wade in a news conference, today, Laura Smith made a report with the Sheriff’s Office that a cell phone was stolen from her. She stated that she ordered two cell phones from Verizon and they were delivered to the wrong address. Her landlord recovered the package from another tenant and gave it to her. Smith said that there was only one phone in the package instead of two. The tenant who received the package by accident said it was open when he got it. No arrest was made in that case. When the investigator was about to close the case, he noticed that there was a name on the invoice that did not match the victim. The investigator checked with the nursing home Smith worked at and confirmed that the person on the invoice was a 97-year-old nursing home resident with dementia. Smith was arrested for two counts of identity theft. Her bond is set at $35,000 and her court date is April 4th.


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