The Season of the Kudzu Bug

Residential and rural areas will soon be filled with Kudzu bugs making a comeback from their wintering sites. Calhoun County Extension System Regional Extension Agent Dani Carroll says recent warm weather has drawn Kudzu bugs out. These small, olive green, lady-bug sized bugs are sometimes mistaken for beetles, but piercing-sucking mouthparts set them apart from other pests. Carroll says Kudzu bugs are a nuisance that invade homes, yards and landscapes. She adds that in 2013 researchers found a parasitic wasp that would attack the Kudzu bug eggs. She suggests to people having problems with the bug to not use a pesticide when the bug is laying eggs. She says just let the wasp get rid of them. Carroll says the Kudzu bug will be statewide by the first of April and then will go dormant again at the end of the Fall season. She also says the bugs emit a foul smelling phermone when squashed. So she says don’t squish them.


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