JSU Football Holds Final Practice Before Spring Break

There was a little extra pep in the Jacksonville State football team's step on Thursday, when the Gamecocks took to the practice field for the last time before spring break. The reigning Ohio Valley Conference Champion and national runners-up Gamecocks amped up their team scrimmage situations on the final day before next week's spring break, adding a little more motivation for the workout in JSU Stadium. "They were anxious to get to spring break and then they were very excited when they found out about that team stuff and getting that scrimmage-type work in," JSU head coach John Grass said. The spring schedule, which is similar to the ones used in Grass' first two seasons at the helm, straddles spring break and provides the players a week away from practice before the final two weeks. "We get a little break to get a way from it," Grass said. "It's gotten kind of monotonous. I like the way we do it - we get a few weeks in before spring break and then come back and finish up strong." Three weeks in, Grass is pleased with what he has seen. The two biggest things to him in spring - fundamentals and depth - are areas in which he has seen improvement through just eight practices. "The first three weeks have been really good," he added. "Not only has the weather been good but we've had good practices. I think we've gotten better fundamentally in each practice, and I've seen a lot of people grow. Our depth is much improved from when we started, and those are the things that you look at in the spring. You want to see who's matured from the year before, and who may have redshirted and gotten better for us and is ready to get in a game and give us quality snaps. I see a lot of that going on." With three weeks of work - mostly on fundamentals - in the books, Grass is anxious to have a refreshed squad back from break so that they can finish strong over the last two weeks that will wrap up with the annual J-Day Spring Game on April 9 at 5 p.m. "It's hard to believe we are a shade over halfway through," Grass said. "When we come back from the break we will have four basic fundamental practices and two scrimmages. We will get a lot out of those two scrimmages. We scrimmaged a lot today. We went about 80 plays, which we haven't done a lot of. We looked pretty good doing that, and those two scrimmages after the break will be big for us, but those four fundamental practices are the main thing."

Courtesy: JSU Sports Information (www.jsugamecocksports.com)


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