Heflin Police Receive Award & Make Drug Bust

The Heflin Police Department's K-9 Officer Danny Turner stopped a vehicle over the weekend for multiple violations. During the stop he noticed the car smelled of burned marijuana. A Probable Cause Search was conducted, and Turner located marijuana residue all throughout the vehicle. He also located a package containing approximately 2 pounds of hydro Marijuana. The suspect tried to conceal the drugs in a package that looked like a present. Turner says he has seen that routine before. Turner says the suspect is now in jail and facing a charge of felony possession of marijuana. He says he and the drugs are now off their streets.

Last week, the Heflin Police Department was represented well at a 2016 National Conference in Reno, Nevada. Heflin Police Department K-9 Officer Turner received a National Award that covered all of the United States and Canada. Turner says the department is relentless and proactive when it comes to getting drugs out of their community. The drug bust they were awarded for took place the first quarter of 2015.


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