Local Sheriff’s Lieutenant Attends FBI Academy

A local law enforcement leader attends a 10 week training course at the “West Point for Law Enforcement,” the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jon Garlick attended the training to elevate his standards in law enforcement. Garlick says the training at the academy afforded him the opportunity to network with law enforcement from all over the world. The training was specific to law enforcement executives and he says he brings back with him the ability to be a better leader for agency deputies and employees. Officials say the emphasis of Garlick’s training was on preparation for complex 21stCentury contemporary challenges through innovative techniques, superior education and research, and a network of partnerships. Garlick says they even discussed the threat of terrorism. Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson says Garlick’s FBI training was like going to get your law enforcement PHD. Amerson says it is the ultimate training – very unique and specific. 231 law enforcement leaders attended the 10 weeks course that is given four times a year. Garlick trained with officers from 27 countries and 47 states.


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