Spencer Collier Reacts to Firing by Governor

Spencer Collier, Alabama’s former top cop reacts to being fired by Governor Robert Bentley. Collier claims he was released from his job Tuesday as Head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency because he knew too much, and would not lie. Collier claims Governor Bentley wanted him to hide his alleged affair with his Chief Political Adivser. Collier also claims he had proof that the governor was having an affair with his Chief Adviser. Governor Robert Bentley addressed the allegations in a press conference today. Collier says that government officials, law enforcement and Bentley’s family complained about his Chief Political Adviser’s influence in state government. Governor Bentley says he fired Collier after an internal investigation uncovered possible misuse of state dollars at the agency Collier headed up. Bentley has long denied allegations that he had an affair.


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