Crime Prevention Measures

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Reports of shops being burglarized on Facebook… Business owners took to social media to talk about the break-ins on Friday night and Saturday morning on the Jacksonville Square. And business owners are asking authorities what steps to take. Today, TV24 spoke to Jacksonville Police Department Investigator Jason Campbell. He shared some insight on why those businesses may have been targeted. Campbell says first of all you have to take some measures in crime prevention. Investigator Campbell says most of the time criminals will scope your business out and then consider you an easy target if you don’t have crime prevention measures in place. He adds that people are more likely to be out and about in their cars during the warmer weather. He says the fun and ease of the season shouldn’t keep you from keeping your possessions safe. When asked about the recent break-ins, authorities say there is no suspect. But, there are people of interest and the department is questioning them.


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