Local Million Dollar Bingo

Piedmont Mayor Bill Baker says his city will soon be offering paper Bingo games for $1-million at its bingo palace on Highway 278. Governor Bentley recently passed a bill that would bring Bingo back to the north Calhoun County city of Piedmont-and only Piedmont. Baker says according to state legislation and to a city ordinance, traditional bingo will be the only type of bingo allowed in the hall. Baker adds the owner of the Bingo palace says the old jackpot was capped at $120,000 and he was not making money. According to Baker, no machines will be allowed. There will be no slot machines and no scratch-off games. He says players will play for the million dollar jackpot as early as October or November and they will see bingo sheets for a $250,000 jackpot as soon as July 2nd. The new bill will also help bring about new employment opportunities. Baker says the owner will be looking to hire waiters and waitresses and counters for the money and the people.


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