Calhoun/Cleburne Children’s Center 25th Anniversary

An agency with a track record of helping children who have suffered from sexual and physical abuse celebrates its 25th anniversary. April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. The Calhoun Cleburne Children’s Center Inc. provides interviews, counseling, and victim's advocacy, free of charge. Executive Director Elaine Young says a good day is when a child comes in and communicates with her staff and nothing is found to be wrong. She says they interview a lot of children, inspiring her to do more. Young says they work hand in hand with the Department of Human Resources, law enforcement, and prosecutors to protect victims of abuse and fight for justice. Young says one way the community can help them is to get the word out about the work that they do. Right now, the center has T-shirt campaign underway. If you are interested in supporting their effort with the purchase of a T-shirt go to their headquarters at 2100 Leighton Avenue in Anniston.


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