Jacksonville and Oxford Crime Statistics

Two local cities make their way onto a list of the twenty-five safest cities in Alabama. BackgroundChecks.org compiled the list based on FBI violent crime stats and proprietary research data. The city of Jacksonville was rated number twenty-one and the city of Oxford was rated number twenty-two for its violent crime rate and their resident’s chance of being involved in a property crime. The violent crime rate in Jacksonville is 343.1, and residents of Jacksonville have a 3.8% chance of being affected by property crime and the violent crime rate in Oxford is 356.7, and the chance of residents being involved in a property crime there is 5.8%. The violent crime rates and property crime rates are normalized per 100,000 residents with the state average being 427 for violent crime and more than 3,100 for property crime. It is calculated by taking the number of crimes divided by population.


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