Police Chief Resigns

A Police Chief who was able to bring unity, accountability, and increased professionalism to a local police department announces his resignation today. Gadsden Police Chief John Crane’s resignation will take effect May 6TH.

Crane joined the department as chief in 2012, returning from retirement from the Birmingham Police Department. City officials say, in his years of service in Gadsden, Chief Crane led the department as it served the citizens of Gadsden. One of the chief’s lasting legacies is the way in which he has developed the department in filling its ranks with skilled and accomplished officers.Gadsden Mayor Sherman Guyton says, “Chief Crane has made so many positive improvements in our police department. I appreciate his commitment to keeping our community safe and making it a better place to live. We wish the Chief and his family the best." The Gadsden Civil Service board is finding and hiring a suitable replacement for the Chief.


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