Kratom Seizures in Etowah County

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Just before 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Governor Robert Bentley signed a new state law making products that contain elements of the plant Kratom illegal in Alabama. Soon after the signing, law enforcement agents in Etowah County mobilized to begin the process of removing Kratom-related products from local retail stores. Sheriff Todd Entrekin says that drug agents and deputies began identifying locations selling the now illegal drug last week, but he thinks they still didn't get it all in yesterday's first sweep. Representative Mack Butler of Rainbow City led the way for the passage of the law in the Alabama legislature. Butler says that Kratom is a Southeast Asian plant that is related to coffee, but that some of its components can be used to make very powerful – and addicting – drugs. The illegal substances in Kratom can be snorted or smoked – and can also be made into a liquid or pill form. Drug agents say that the substance has similar effects to heroin and causes an euphoric, high feeling. The drug is also very dangerous and can cause sever medical problems and even death.


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