Third Annual Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Gadsden State Community College Aquaculture Department in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham hosts its third annual Zebrafish Husbandry Education Workshop. Researchers, veterinarians, animal care staff and aquatic facility managers from universities, hospitals and research facilities across the U-S attended the workshop designed to better train people that take care of zebrafish used for biomedical research. National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland Aquatics Facilities Manager Lauren Pandolfo says she teaches students about breeding fish and other aspects of managing research facilities. Zebrafish are widely used for medical research due to their affordability, high reproduction rate, rapid growth and ease of genetic manipulation. Zebrafish Caretaker Caleb Dobbs says he makes sure the fish are in a healthy condition for spawning. He has already been through the program and feels as though he has found his niche. Pandolfo says the study of zebrafish is rapidly changing and growing. But, they are the most popular animal research model for human research. She says zebrafish are only 20-percent genetically different from humans.

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