Car Drives Off Bridge in Gadsden

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The driver of a car is taken to Gadsden Regional Medical Center with injuries after driving off a bridge in Gadsden Sunday night. Gadsden Police say the driver was injured when his car drove off the Meighan Bridge. The car ended up lying upside down in the middle of Lake Street, directly under an area where a section of the bridge guardrail was torn away. Investigators say, the driver told police he had been driving in the westbound lane when another car cut him off. Witnesses say the driver attempted to go left then swerved right, which carried him over the curb and into the guardrail. Zack Stewart who lives at 311 Lake Street saw the wreckage. Witnesses say the car stopped halfway off the bridge and appeared to teeter for a minute before falling over.


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