Virtual Reality Classroom Tour in Hobson City

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The Hobson City Library welcomes the first ever Virtual Reality Classroom Tour. The Virtual Reality Classroom Tour travels to schools and district administration offices to demonstrate the latest in Virtual Reality based learning experiences – helping K through 12 school districts incorporate z-Space into their lesson plans and curriculum. Hobson City Mayor Alberta McCrory says this is going to be a game changer for the children of her city. z-Space is a virtual reality desktop with 3-D glasses and a stylus that allows students to interact with a virtual object or environment. The 3-D glasses allow students to peer around an object to view it from all sides. Vizitech installs z-Space desktops in a computer or media lab environment, and students can work individually or in groups on various activities ranging from science to the arts. Sales Manager Joe Parlier says he has traveled up and down the East and West Coast over the last 6 months exposing school districts to the technology. For more information on z-Space go to The Hobson City Library will have this learning tool within its library in two weeks.


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