CALCO Sheriff's Office Conducts Training at Ohatchee High School

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Whether local law enforcement is responding to an everyday patrol run or out on a special weapons and tactical operation, understanding how to manage situational awareness can greatly maximize chances for a successful operation. That’s why one local sheriff’s office is using a building at a local high school for specialized tactical training. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is making use of a building at Ohatchee High School for joint training of their Emergency Services Team and Hostage Negotiators. Sheriff Larry Amerson says training is absolutely critical because situations can be random and strange at times. He says today’s scenario involved a suspect with a gun who threatened to kill people. Amerson says he wants to continue this style of training and make it repetitive because repetition in training develops memory and according to research memory fosters confidence, decisiveness, and speed for making decisions in conflict. Amerson says the Calhoun County Board of Education and the Ohatchee High School Administration were essential elements the training’s success. High school administrators role played as hostages.



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