IRS Scam Warning

Thursday, June 30, 2016


The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Officer is warning people of an IRS scam that’s been going around. A person reported that she received a phone call from a Steve Foster with the IRS saying that she owed almost $5000. If she did not pay immediately, his office was sending the Calhoun County Sheriff to arrest her. The caller tried to push her into going to Walmart to purchase a money gram or to the local Western Union to send funds. Later the woman got another call that appeared to be from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office. This time the caller claimed to be a Deputy Steve Foster, he told her he was on his way to arrest her, but he was giving her a second chance to pay off her debt and again he suggested she send the amount by money gram. Here are some tips to keep you from becoming a victim of an IRS scheme. Remember the IRS will NEVER call you by phone to pay taxes. NEVER make payments or send money by money gram or Western Union to someone you do not know. NEVER conduct any of type business transactions by text messages. And, Keep in mind if you answer a scammer’s phone call, they are aware, at that point, the number they dialed is a working number.


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