Weaver Police Officer and Fire Chief Earn Commendation

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The city of Weaver commends a police officer and the fire chief for their response to a potentially life threatening circumstance which saved the lives of three community members. Weaver Police Officer Michael Kane and Weaver Fire Chief Brian Bunn were dispatched to a house fire on Vaughn Drive in Weaver in early June. The porch of the house was on fire and the flames were quickly spreading to the main residence. Officer Kane and Chief Bunn forced entry into the home and found three elderly people asleep inside and unaware their house was on fire. Thomas Bryant, Steve Bryant, and Pam Bryant, were all escorted from the residence and moved to a safe area without injury. Officials say had it not been for the rapid response, courage under duress, and disregard for personal safety of Officer Kane and Chief Bunn, the entire Bryant family would have perished in the fire. Kane and Bunn say they would do it all over again. Bunn says recommends that every room in a home to be outfitted with a smoke detector and have each smoke detector serviced at the same time.



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