Pokémon Go Hits Jacksonville

The Pokemon Go craze has sent legions of players hiking around cities and battling with "pocket monsters" on their smartphones. Pokemon Go is proving to be a smash hit this Summer. And, players at Jacksonville’s Square say the game is fun and not too challenging. The game now available for smartphones is already larger than Tinder. It brings characters like Pikachu and Jiggly Puff to the real world using GPS coordinates on your phone. While exercise is certainly a benefit from playing… Local Police Departments have issued warnings for the game as players might be tempted to loiter or trespass in order to make a catch. Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge says players need to be responsible and not become so wrapped up in the game as to put themselves in danger. For now, Nintendo has seen few repercussions. Their stock has skyrocketed and the APP hasn’t even been released to most of the world.


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