Governor to Call Special Session for Lottery

Governor Robert Bentley this morning announcing that he will call for a special session on a statewide lottery. In a special video message posted on the governor’s website this morning, Bentley says that the state cannot afford to pay for basic services, and that he believes a lottery is the answer to the state’s funding crisis. The governor says that a statewide lottery would raise about 225 million dollars a year and would be a source of income that could be counted on year after year. Bentley says he will present a plan that puts that money into the state’s General Fund budget so that it can be used for "services for children, the mentally ill, law enforcement and for those in the most need." The governor did not specify a start date for the special session, but officials say that any legislation would have to pass by August 24th in order to be on the ballot in the November General Election.


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