Local Civil Right Organization Holds Press Conference

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Ordinary People Society civil rights organization is still working to rid the Gadsden municipal court of Judge Tom King. The organization held a press conference today after the Gadsden City Council Meeting. They announced a federal lawsuit against Judge King and the City of Gadsden for denying the public access to court proceedings. Attorney Eric Hutchins says grievances about the municipal court system are deserved. According to reports, last year, Gadsden's Municipal Court judge and prosecutor were sued by the Alabama-based group, regarding what the group calls a "fine or time" or "pay or stay" policy. That lawsuit states that non-indigent people who pay their fines avoid jail time while poor people who can't afford it serve time in jail. One of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs says they are trying to bridge the gap between the people and the judicial system. Hutchins says his team is making sure the federal government’s Justice Department Civil Rights Criminal Division investigates and prosecutes any misallocation of funds.


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