Executive Director Talks Retirement

As we approach this weekends UCP Telethon, tonight we visit with UCP Executive Director Linda Johns, as we commemorate her 22 years of service with the organization and celebrate her upcoming retirement. This weekend's telethon will be the 23rd and final telethon for Executive Director Linda Johns. Johns will be retiring in September, and says she has recently been remembering a lot about her early days with the organization. Johns says the previous and only other executive director of the agency called her more than two decades ago to announce her retirement and to tell her she wanted her to take her place. Johns says her replacement has new ideas, great energy, and is full of enthusiasm. She believes the new director will take the association a long way. But, she admits that leaving the after all these years is going to be bittersweet. Johns says working for UCP has been her ministry. She says God placed her at a time when she needed a change. She says she has been blessed with the support of staff and the board. Johns says she is looking forward to the next phase of her life. And, adds that she has a bucket list that includes extensive travel plans. The year’s annual UCP Telethon theme is Believe in Tomorrow. The telethon will take place at the Anniston Meeting Center on Saturday and Sunday. You can watch it on live here on TV24. If you’d like to give… You can give online at www.ecaucp.org


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