Christian-owned Farm to Help Locals in Need

TV24 takes a closer look at a new locally owned Christian farm in Rainbow City… Gardens On Air owner Lee Harrison, Jr. says his greenhouse farm will not use pesticides, herbicides or chemicals in their produce, fish, or vegetables. And, most importantly, he says when all of his food is fully grown, it will be used to help feed the local hungry. Harrison says they have two greenhouses, twenty-two 3-hundred gallon fish tanks, more than 20 smaller fish tanks, one- Aeroponic "AIRGROWN" Tower, and one - Hydroponic System. 20% of the money the farm earns will go directly into the "OPEN HANDS MINISTRY". Gardens On Air has also partnered with MeadowBrook Baptist Church in Gadsden. Harrison says his business is looking for enough money to complete the greenhouse farm before the holiday season. For more information visit their website at or or search for them on Facebook.


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