NARCAN Safety Training

An East Alabama sheriff’s office purchases the antidote NARCAN and today trains its certified deputies to use it to counteract life threatening opioid overdoses. The Etowah County Sheriff’s office purchased the drug naloxone, also known as Narcan Nasal Spray and conducted training in its Multipurpose Room. A new state law passed by the Alabama Legislature, authorized law enforcement, to carry and administer NARCAN to counteract life threatening opioid overdoses. Deputy Bobby Ridgeway conducted the training. He says the new law also protects people who are calling for help. Ridgeway and Sheriff Todd Entrekin say the fact that their deputies have the drug will help connect their agency more quickly to the people who need the help. About 25 deputies attended the training session. Entrekin says the cost to the County is 37 dollars a dose. He says that’s less than $5,000 to get his deputies equipped. He says every vehicle will have NARCAN available.


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