Therapy Dog at Calhoun County Courthouse

Friday, September 9, 2016

According to scientific research for centuries many people have known it’s good to have a dog around. Dogs keep us company, help us stay active, and can even warn us of intruders. But did you know that dogs may improve the physical and mental health of their human companions? One local courthouse has taken the healing power of dogs to heart and has had a trained therapy dog on sight for two years now. Gabe is the Calhoun County Courthouse therapy dog. He is trained to lend emotional support to children who testify in divorce cases and custody cases. He even gives his support to adult victims. Judge Peggy Lacher, Judge Laura Phillips, and Assistant District Attorney Shannon Page say Gabe transcends the gap where most courtrooms fail. They say he is there every day and he makes the courtroom feel safe. Gabe is trained to recognize when someone is nervous or upset. He can do tricks such as be sworn in, shake hands, bark on command, and playing the piano.


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