Gadsden City's Jonathan Kilgo Rolls Perfect Game

Friday, January 29, 2016



Gadsden City High School sophomore Jonathan Kilgo rolled the first perfect game in AHSAA State Bowling Championships history to highlight the first day’s action as the inaugural state tourney got underway Thursdayat Oak Mountain Lanes.
     Kilgo, who came in with a 130 average, did not compete in the first two rounds of the traditional bowling first roundThursday. His perfect round, 12 strikes in a row, came in the final round and helped Gadsden City shoot an 868 third-round team total to finish the day at 2,406 – good for 13th seed heading into the final day’s competition Friday. 
    Stanhope Elmore turned in a strong 2,713 score for the day to take top seed into Friday’s 16-team elimination bracket championship round as eighth grader Josh Wilson rolled a 658 series and senior Stormy Stephens recorded  610 series. Both finished in the top 10 of the individual scoring at 4th and tied for 10th, respectively. Mary Montgomery senior Christian McNeeley had the best boys’ series with a 706 total rolling three consistent games of 214, 224 and 268.  Benjamin Russell junior Bryant Ray turned in a 676 series for second. He had a 246 in his final game.
    Spain Park rolled 2,685 to earn second seed, Mary Montgomery totaled 2,666 for third seed and Huntsville captured fourth seed with a 2,612 total.
    Stanhope Elmore squares off with Sparkman in the first round Friday at 8 a.m., a match that will feature one traditional game and five Baker format games. That format will be used for the rest of the competition.  Spain Park takes on Fairhope in its first-round match, Mary Montgomery plays East Limestone and Huntsville meets Gadsden City.

Etowah Earns Top Girls’ Seed with 2,244 Total
    In the girls’ competition Thursday, Coach Kevin Horton’s Etowah Blue Devils posted a strong 2,244 team total in the three traditional games to claim girls’ top seed for today’s competition  with strong performances from the Gibbs’ girls. Freshman T.K. (T’kyrah) Gibbs turned in the fourth best individual series with a 497. Freshman Shy (Shy’Ere) Gibbs also rolled  460 and Lexi Gibbs, a sophomore, turned in a 483.
    Scottsboro senior Sierra Lewis ran away from the pack for the top girls’ series. She rolled 220, 234, 244 for a 698 series as the Lady Wildcats of Coach Desiree Clark totaled 2,167 to earn second seed. Lewis’ closest competition was 166 pins back.      Mary Montgomery sophomore Catlyn Hileman had the second best girls’ series with a three-game total 532.
    Hewitt-Trussville (2,089) and James Clemens (2,008) are the third and fourth seeds. Etowah will meet Satsuma in the first round of the 16-team championship elimination bracket Friday morning, Scottsboro faces Beauregard, Hewitt faces Pelham and James Clemens takes on Thompson.
    Complete first-round pairings for Friday’s competition is listed below. 


AHSAA State Bowling Championships
at Oak Mountain Lanes, Pelham

Friday’s 16-Team Bracket 
First round (8 a.m.)
(1 Traditional, 5 Baker Games)
(head-to-head matches)
Sparkman vs. Stanhope Elmore (top seed)
Thompson vs. Prattville
Baker vs. Etowah
Gadsden City vs. Huntsville (4th seed)
East Limestone vs. Mary Montgomery (3rd seed)
Vestavia Hills vs. James Clemens
Benjamin Russell vs. Hewitt-Trussville
Fairhope vs. Spain Park (2nd seed)
Satsuma vs. Etowah (top seed)
Gadsden City vs. Southside-Gadsden
Northview vs. Mary Montgomery
Thompson vs. James Clemens (4th seed)
Pelham vs. Hewitt-Trussville (3rd seed)

Sparkman vs. McGill-Toolen
Pinson Valley vs. Spain Park
Beauregard vs. Scottsboro (2nd seed)


Second round (Boys & Girls)
10:30 a.m. (approximate)
Lunch break                                       1 p.m.
Semifinals (Boys & Girls)
2 p.m. (approximate)*
Finals (Boys & Girls)
5 p.m. (approximate)*
*-When one round is completed, the second round will start ASAP

Thursday’s Results (Traditional Games)
Boys’ Results
Stanhope Elmore        2,713

Spain Park                   2,685

Mary Montgomery     2,666
Huntsville                    2,612

Etowah                        2,591
Vestavia Hills              2,550
Hewitt-Trussville         2,536
Prattville                     2,451
Thompson                   2,443
Benjamin Russell        2,433
James Clemens           2,426
Baker                           2,425
Gadsden City               2,406
East Limestone            2,345
Fairhope                      2,285
Sparkman                    2,196
Top 10 (Series Leaders all games)
706      Christian McNeeley, Mary Montgomery
676      Bryant Ray, Benjamin Russell
669      Austin Gibbs, Etowah
658      Josh Wilson, Stanhope Elmore
626      Luca Connor, James Clemens
623      Myliq Davis, Huntsville
620      Jordan Oliver Faggard, Hewitt-Trussville
618      Austin Ramage, Prattville
610      Stormy Stephens, Stanhope Elmore
610      Travis Saunders, Vestavia Hills

High Games (3rd round)
300      Jonathan Kilgo, Gadsden City
268      Christian McNeeley, Mary Montgomery
246      Bryant Ray, Benjamin Russell
234      Andrew Harris, Spain Park


Stanhope Elmore        1,804

Huntsville                    1,795

Etowah                        1,756

Hewitt-Trussville         1,746

Spain Park                   1,717

Vestavia Hills              1,650

Thompson                   1,659

Benjamin Russell        1,653

Mary Montgomery     1,642

Baker                           1,625

James Clemens           1,625

Prattville                     1,619

Gadsden City               1,538

Sparkman                    1,528

Fairhope                      1,499

East Limestone            1,447

High Games (2nd round)
243      Austin Ramage, Prattville
237      Tucker Contorno, Spain Park
235      Connor Hilbert, Huntsville


Hewitt-Trussville         963

Stanhope Elmore        945

Etowah                        905

Thompson                   902

Huntsville                    869

Baker                           845

Benjamin Russell        831

Spain Park                   823

James Clemens           820

Vestavia Hills              805

Prattville                     794

Gadsden City               792

Mary Montgomery     779

Sparkman                    777

East Limestone            758

Fairhope                      728
High Games (1ST round)
262      Austin Gibbs, Etowah              
244      Josh Wilson, Stanhope Elmore

240      Brandon Boner, Thompson



Girls’ Results
Etowah                        2,244

Scottsboro                   2,167

Hewitt-Trussville         2,089

James Clemens           2,008

Mary Montgomery     1,999

Sparkman                    1,998

Spain Park                   1,980

Southside-Gadsden     1,978

Gadsden City               1,885

Pinson Valley               1,858

McGill-Toolen             1,840

Northview                   1,833

Thompson                   1,832

Pelham                        1,815

Beauregard                 1,762

Satsuma                      1,729

Top 10 (Series Leaders all games)
698      Sierra Lewis, Scottsboro
532      Catlyn Hileman, Mary Montgomery
499      Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman
497      T.K. Gibbs, Etowah
483      Lexi Gibbs, Etowah
469      Mary Katherine Tedder, Spain Park
468      Daniela Connor, James Clemens
467      Kyndal Oden, James Clemens
460      Shy Gibbs, Etowah
459      Laura Keplinger, Pinson Valley

High Games (3rd round)
244      Sierra Lewis, Scottsboro
210      Lexi Gibbs, Etowah
210      Shy Gibbs, Etowah

Scottsboro                   1,440

Etowah                        1,423

Hewitt-Trussville         1,413

Spain Park                   1,393

James Clemens           1,350

Sparkman                    1,344

Mary Montgomery     1,340

Southside-Gadsden     1,319

Northview                   1,289

Gadsden City               1,256

Thompson                   1,249

Pinson Valley               1,244

McGill-Toolen             1,196

Satsuma                      1,136

Pelham                        1,120

Beauregard                 1,113

High Games (2nd round)
234      Sierra Lewis, Scottsboro
200      Catlyn Hileman, Mary Montgomery
197      Kyndal Oden, James Clemens


Scottsboro                   725

Spain Park                   716

Etowah                        716

Sparkman                    702

Thompson                   669

Mary Montgomery     666

Gadsden City               659

Hewitt-Trussville         658

Pinson Valley               651

McGill-Toolen             620

Northview                   613

James Clemens           613

Southside-Gadsden     612

Satsuma                      603

Pelham                        543

Beauregard                 529

High Games (1ST round)
220      Sierra Lewis, Scottsboro
200      Mary Katherine Tedder, Spain Park
188      Camille Mask, Mary Montgomery

*Courtesy: AHSAA ( 


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