Drought Conditions Causing Wildfires

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Scenes like this one prompted the Alabama Forestry Commission to upgrade its fire danger warning to a fire alert in 46 of the state’s counties. A majority of the counties in our viewing area are included on that fire alert list. According to the state forestry commission, over the last week, 307 wildfires have burned about 3,700 acres across Alabama. One of the most recent wildfires broke out today on Coldwater Mountain in Anniston. Chief Tony Taylor says firefighters were called to the 50-acre fire this morning. President of the Northeast Bicycle Association, Doctor Tom Nelson says the fire could have been much worse…putting a big weekend event at the mountain bike trail in jeopardy. The Coldwater Mountain fire is now under control. It’s one of several started over the past few days in Calhoun County. Last week, several local cities stopped issuing burn permits due to the dry conditions. You should check with the forestry commission or local fire department before conducting any burns on your property.


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