Active Shooter Drill at Local School

Friday, October 14, 2016

Gunshots fired this morning at a local high school, but it was only a drill. Gaston High School hosted an active shooter drill to prepare students, faculty and administration in the event of an on campus threat. Director of Communications at the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office, Natalie Barton, says students need to be prepared. Students knew the event would happen today just not when it would happen. Once the first shots were fired students ran to safety while teachers and faculty observed and timed. Senior Jordan Bishop says that what she learned is a skill she will use in the real world. Superintendent of Etowah County Schools, Alan Cosby has been a part of the school system for 24 years and says he never thought he would be preparing students for an event such as this. Cosby also says it would do no good to the students to prepare them for their future if the school system did not also prepare them for the unexpected.


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